About Me

Hey, Y’all!

I am Kani Karthick, A very simple and dreamy Chennai girl!

I would constantly fight (I still do, Sometimes!) with this feeling that my thoughts are running faster than my words when I speak.

Thus, I introduced myself to WRITING!

Ever since I was a 10-year-old, I have been writing in diaries. As days passed by, Diaries became journals and Journals became Bullet Journals, but I kept going with the flow. I believed that writing was the only way to pour out my angst and frustration against this society and yes when I was a 10-year-old child. What could I have faced? Doesn’t matter! Past is past, let it remain that way!

“Change is the only Constant in this world. If you do not adapt, you might get Extinct!” -Charles Darwin

As I grew up, I go to know that writing could also turn into my profession! What a joy it was, even to think that I could write all day and would get paid for it! When the time came to make a decision, I looked towards my parents and my parents looked towards the rest of the society, so I studied Engineering in the Chemical Department.

It was when I started working that I got introduced to another very interesting concept- “MARKETING”!

Marketing fascinated me to such an extent that I decided to complete my post-graduation in International Business Management (M.Sc. in IBM). Learning about the various practices of marketing followed all over the world was like walking into a fun-fair. Full of colors, full of energy, full of motivation and that was a new kind of high for me!

My passion for writing and my interest in marketing introduced me to the concept of Digital Marketing and all the components of Digital Marketing.

“Stop learning only when you stop Breathing!” -Kani

Now, I have successfully completed a certification course in Digital Marketing Training in Chennai. I have taken the first step towards realizing my dream!

“What is your dream?” You ask-

My dream is to do something that I love to do and not do something just for the sake of money.

My boss says,

“Money is just a by-product of your work. If your work is perfect, Money will come on its own!”

-Raju. K – Founder and CEO of Verifitech India Info Pvt Ltd.

I love what I am doing and for this very reason, I know I am the BEST there is!


Kani Karthick